Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creativity- it's embedded in the worst of us.

You know those people that say, "Oh, I can't draw." Or, "I'm not an artist." Or, "I'm SO not creative." Or, "Yeah, I don't have good ideas."… Lies. I know I preach it a lot, but I'm going to claim it again. I truly believe that every person has some form of creative ability. Perhaps the idea of what "art" is, is just too narrow. I hate that people think art or creativity is limited to canvases and pottery wheels and such. I look around and see brilliant works of art in the shape of a cup or the detail in a piece of clothing or the arrangement of bushes or the placement of food on a plate. Creativity is all around us and in everyday things and we fail to recognize it and appreciate it. We were created in the image of our creator, therefore we are creative.

Now, you may wonder why I allude to this idea so often. Why do I feel the need to remind my readers (ha) that we are all created in the image of the creator God? Well, I think it may be that I, myself need to be reminded of it. I question my creative ability and skill every day. I doubt my own ideas, fear my lack of original inspiration, and get discouraged when I try something and fail. 

So, here I am, reminding us all, once again that we as humans, created by the same God that made this incredible Earth we live on were made to make. Don't doubt your God given creativity and don't settle for less than what you were made to be. 

Create, Love, and Live life fully, by the grace and power of Christ Jesus.
This is my desire.


Here's some stationary I made a few days ago for one of my 'Creative in 2011' gifts :)


  1. I quite agree. Everyone has some sort of creative spark in them, but it can look a lot different from person to person. Art is a broad category....

    You're thank you notes look pretty spiffy too ;)

    <3 Joanna

  2. Did you use stamp(s) for the words on the cards?