Sunday, January 15, 2012

So, it's been months since I have posted on here, but I plan to be much more active and present starting now! I'm really hoping this semester won't be as crazy as the fall, though I sort of doubt it…. I think it will just be a different crazy. Either way, I'm hoping to make posting on both theblueroom and my personal blog a regular happening, so check in often, follow, or subscribe by e-mail if you care at all about my endeavors. ha! 

Now, before I get all sentimental about inspiration and such, I'd like to direct your attention to the pages to the right. I've recently added lots of new images to the three sets on flickr. Check them out and let me know what you think. 

What inspires you to create, to live fully, and to try new things?

Really great music inspires me. Right now, Josh Garrels. 
Unique, creative art inspires me (duh.) Starbucks on 135th and Blackbob has some great stuff up right now. 
Words and concepts inspire me. Getting them from head to canvas is often a challenge, though. 
Nature inspires me. No matter how well done, nothing beats the real thing. 
People inspire me. No person alike, all with a unique story. Incredible.

All of these inspirations fall under the umbrella of the ultimate creator and his handiwork. 
We have the ability to create, because by the ultimate artist, we were created. 

And because of that, the possibilities are endless…


p.s. Really though, what inspires you? Do tell...

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  1. Oh cool! I'm inspired when I hear a piece of great music, and when there's an unstoppable drive on the inside to try what I haven't and then....I find a bit of initial success :) I'm trying for composition this year, and while it's easy to get discouraged, it's a comfort knowing God is behind all my feeble attempts :D Lovely post on your grandparents, too! That is, on the other blog ;)