Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gone Living.

Oh, hello there. Just wanted to post a quick note letting you know that theblueroom's etsy shop is now open. Two whole items for sale! :) It's slow, but it's a start! Check it out under 'Explore' or on the widget down on the right. Hopefully I will get some more stuff up soon, but life just keeps me going in different directions. I'm pretty excited about how things are looking in the real blue room, too. :)

Here are some photos of what I worked on last week. My job allows me to multi-task, so I took the opportunity to work on these headbands, while I was "working."
Planning on getting them up in the shop soon, once I get some decent shots of them.

What have you been creating lately?



  1. Congratulations Jami! What a cute new adventure you got going :) I'm sure it will be brilliant, love the WIPs above!

  2. I agree with LMJ. This looks so nice and promising. Lots of luck with your Etsy-shop. You will make a lot of people happy with your original, colourful and cute designs. Wish you all the best! xxx

  3. Btw: I love the object descriptions in your Etsy-shop. So happy for you that you've started one :-)